Samuel Pepys birthplace

Samuel Pepys birthplace

The birthplace of famous London diarist Samuel Pepys.

Location: Salisbury Court, Fleet Street

Description: Famous London diarist Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) was born here (to a tailor and butcher's daughter) on the 23nd February 1633 and baptised a few steps to the East in St Bride's on the 3rd of March 1633.

He was the fifth of 11 children, but all his older siblings died early leaving him the eldest child.

Note that the handsome plaque states the incorrect year, due to a calendar error after the 1753 calendar correction move.

While travelling in the course of his work he would stop at one of the many nearby pubs or coffee houses and often call in on his parents, still living here, through the 1660s.

Across the courtyard was the (now long lost) Salisbury Court Theatre, that Pepys attended at least several times. Spot the plaque just down Salisbury Court, across the yard. Pepys' famous Diary describes the plays acted at the Salisbury Court Theatre immediately after the theatres re-opened in 1661 after their persecution following Charles I's death.

The theatre burned down in the Great Fire of London in 1666 as did all of Salisbury Court.

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Samuel Pepys birthplace

The birthplace of famous London diarist Samuel Pepys.

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