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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Beatles take London
The Beatles take London


26th January 1941 Born today: Henry Jaglom, London England, actor (Eating, Lucky Ducks, Always)

26th January 1936 Born today: Noel Harrison, London, singer/actor (Mark-Girl from UNCLE)

26th January 1926 Television first demonstrated by John Logie Baird in London.go to related location

26th January 1922 Ralph Vaughan Williams' Pastoral Symphony, premieres in London

26th January 1904 Wealthy mining entrepreneur Whitaker Wright is convicted of fraud and immediately commits suicide by swallowing cyanide at the Royal Courts of Justice.



This is where Tommy Nutter's first shop wowed the Beatles.

Location: 35a Savile Row, Mayfair

Description: On Valentine's Day 1969, Roy Chittleborough, Joseph Morgan, Edward Sexton and Tommy Nutter opened Nutters here claiming it was the first new tailor to the street for over a century.

Tommy's extrovert, iconic style (Neo-Edwardian Dandyism in his biography) suited the stars of the day - he brought a pioneering rock and roll energy and lifestyle to Savile Row. They were bankrolled by Cilla Black and her husband Bobby Willis, Peter Brown, and James Vallance-White.

He introduced his signature broad lapels with innovative roped jacket shoulders together with tight, high-waisted, pocket-less trousers.

Patrons included many members of the nobility, Elton John, Andy Warhol, Mark Ronson, Sir Roy Strong, Bianca Jagger, and Mick Jagger. The Beatles were also big fans and John Lennon (who married Yoko in a natty Nutter suit), Ringo Star and Paul McCartney famously crossed Abbey Road in suits from Nutters. (note that George Harrison crossed in mere denims).

Tommy Nutter branched out into ready-to-wear clothing through Austin Reed and was bought out by Sexton in 1976. In 1981, Roy and Joseph established their own bespoke tailoring firm Chittleborough & Morgan on Savile Row.

Sexton continued to run Nutters of Savile Row until 1983, when Nutter returned with a ready to wear shop at number 19: 'Tommy Nutter, Savile Row'. In 1989's iconic Batman film Tommy Nutter created the clothing of The Joker worn by Jack Nicholson.

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This is where Tommy Nutter's first shop wowed the Beatles.

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