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Westfield Stratford City East
Westfield Stratford City East Retail Theme


The Princess Diana Tour
The Princess Diana Tour


21st November 1977 1st flight of Concorde (London to New York)

21st November 1943 7 Belgian ministers in London sentence King Leopold III

21st November 1941 Born today: Juliet Mills, London England, actress (Nanny and the Professor, QB VII)

21st November 1934 Uiver returns from Schiphol in London-Melbourne air race

21st November 1781 Watercolour artist Cornelius Varley born in Hackney, East London.

21st November 1696 J Vanbrughes Relapse or Virtue in Danger, premieres in London

London 2012

So Much To See

NOTE: Please note this is a virtual tour, a Do-It-Yourself tour you can print off and take with you when you visit London.

Submitted by pinky1117

# Image Location Address Notes
1The Thin HouseThe Thin HouseThurloe Square, Knightsbridge, London
2London's Smallest HouseLondon's Smallest House10 Hyde Park Place, Marble Arch
3Museum of body parts...Museum of body parts...35-43 Lincoln's Inn Fields
4Farting Lane's Sewer LampFarting Lane's Sewer LampCarting Lane, Strand, London
5See Through Building...See Through Building...Charing Cross Road
6Little Compton StreetLittle Compton StreetCharing Cross Road, London
7Jimi Hendrix Died HereJimi Hendrix Died HereHotel Samarkand, 22 Lansdowne Crescent, Notting
8Curious Sign....Curious Sign....Near Waterloo
9Girl with a DolphinGirl with a DolphinNorth East side of Tower Bridge
10Green Cabbie Hut...Hanover SqGreen Cabbie Hut...Hanover SqHanover Sqaure
11Abbey Road StudiosAbbey Road Studios3 Abbey Road, St Johns Wood
12The exact centre of LondonThe exact centre of LondonSt. Martin's-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square
13Cleopatra's NeedleCleopatra's NeedleVictoria Embankment, near Golden Jubilee Bridges
14The Soho MuralThe Soho MuralNoel Street, London
15Exciting Books in SohoExciting Books in Soho11 Brewer Street
16The Giant PlugThe Giant PlugGanton Street, Soho, London
17Blitz: Home to ElectropopBlitz: Home to Electropop4 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden
18Drury Lanes Pantomime FountainDrury Lanes Pantomime FountainCatherine St , London
19Michael Jackson plaqueMichael Jackson plaqueLyric Square, King Street, Hammersmith
20Bridewell PrisonBridewell PrisonFleet Street
21The Penguin ClubThe Penguin ClubClare Market
22Zimbabwe House: Falling PenisZimbabwe House: Falling PenisZimbabwe House, 429 Strand,
23Ronald Reagan StatueRonald Reagan StatueGrosvenor Square, Mayfair
24The Newborn Baby SculptureThe Newborn Baby SculptureSt Martin the Fields, Westminster, London
25The Elfin OakThe Elfin OakKensington Gardens
26Princess Diana's PlaygroundPrincess Diana's PlaygroundNear Black Line Gate, Serpentine, Kensington, Lo
27The Golden Boy StatueThe Golden Boy StatueCorner of Giltspur Street & Cock Lane, London
28A Lighthouse in King's CrossA Lighthouse in King's CrossGray's Inn Road
29The Devils of CornhillThe Devils of CornhillSt Peter upon Cornhill, Gracechurch Street, Lond
30Hanging Gardens of PaddingtonHanging Gardens of Paddington16 London Street
31The Monument.... is leaning!The Monument.... is leaning!Near King William Street
32Monkey GargoyleMonkey GargoyleChiltern Street
33Portal: Chelsea celeb eateryPortal: Chelsea celeb eatery88 St John Street, Farringdon
34It's For You-WhoIt's For You-WhoBurlington House, Piccadilly
35Statue of Abraham LincolnStatue of Abraham LincolnParliament Square, Westminster
35 locations, 4330 hits

download London 2012 as a PDF documentDownload a PDF version of this tour here. This can then be emailed or printed and allows for your personal notes to be added prior or while on tour.