V&As Henry Cole lived here

V&As Henry Cole lived here

The creator of the first ever Christmas lived here.

Location: 33 Thurloe Square, Kensington

Description: The campaigner and educator Henry Cole (1808-1882), the First Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, lived and died here.

Under the pseudonym Felix Summerly Cole became involved in design-related activities such as the publication of illustrated children's books, sending the first ever Christmas card (designed by JC Horsley in 1846).

In 1846 Cole won a Silver Medal from the Royal Society of Arts for his design of a tea service that was later put into production by Minton.

After working with Prince Albert and other members of the Royal Commission for the Great Exhibition, Cole was also involved with the London International Exhibition of 1862 and the Paris International Exhibitions of 1855 and 1867.

Cole was also responsible for building up a collection of design that was to form the basis of the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A Blue Plaque was erected here, on the wall of the Kazakhstan Embassy, by English Heritage in 2001, less than 50m from the V&A!

He was knighted in 1875.

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V&As Henry Cole lived here

The creator of the first ever Christmas lived here.

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